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Flight Tickets

Your journey starts with your flight arrengements. MAPRE works with all airlines to ensure your safety and confort with minimum pricing.


MAPRE offers you 7/24 full service with experienced transportation staff during your visit. Our staff is ready for you with all their willing hospitality.


MAPRE’s expert team will be with you with all your journey to make you feel at home, you will not feel alone in a foreign country with the help of MAPRE’s qualified staff.


MAPRE selects best hotels with attention to provide your stay being the most confortable and luxurious conditions.

Coordinated and Regular Care

MAPRE works attentively for your after treatment care to prevent any complications that might ocur. We have studied the procedures for your own situation and organized every step for your after treatment.

After Treatment Check

MAPRE follows your after treatments with the medical experts. Our patients with delicate physique will be monitored regularly to getting over their post operative phases.

Vacation and Sightseeing Tours

MAPRE can arrenge you the finest vacation at yours sweet will after your treatment with the approve of your medical expert. You can get the best service to relax in any holiday resort in Turkey.

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