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Medicana International İzmir Hospital

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Medicana International İzmir Hospital

Medicana International İzmir Hospital presents the perfection on health by being the most extensive health centre in Aegean region with strong academic personnel with exclusive architecture. Adopting the multidisciplinary diagnosis system causes high quality and confort to the patients. Patient rooms, waiting rooms, diagnosis areas an deven parking lotsa re designed for the confort of the patients. Medicana International Hospital wellcomes you with 100 patient beds, 8 surgery rooms, 14 ICU, 140 car capacity of parking lot.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Robot tech surgery named as Da Vinci Robotic Surgery is the latest surgery technique in the World leading in USA. It is used in urology, gynaecology, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology, thoracic surgery, and also cardiac surgery. Robotic surgery is uncontested techinique to deal with cancer cases which provides exclusive benefits to the patients and also the surgeons.

100 Bed Capacity

8 Operating rooms

14 Intensive Care

140 vehicle parking lot

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